Saturday, 9 February 2013

brownie cookie biscuit cake

This is slightly off the norm but its too good for me not to share, the recipe that is not the real thing my family had to fight me for that lol.

My daughter was poorly but wanted to bake so to make it easy, I thought a packet mix or two would be better for her with her being under the weather.

So I went to the local corner shop and picked up two chocolate cookie mixes, two chocolate brownie mixes, also a pack of bourbon creams for if we didn't like the cookie or brownie as we don't use these mixes we didn't know how they tasted.

But when I got home I remembered a recipe I had seen on pinterest  using oreo, cookie and brownie layered to form a cake, so we set to work and firstly made the cookie mixes and spread them in a lined pyrex dish, we then layered the bourbon creams on top of them, then we made both the brownie mixes but slightly more runny than the recipe called for. We then poured this on top of the cookie and biscuit.

All this was placed in the oven at 160 c  for 15 minutes, I then turned the oven off but left the mix in until it had cooled so a bit like cooking meringue. We didn't want to eat it till later when daddy was in from work and big sister was in from school, Katherine is nice like that I just wanted to eat it all up lol. so we warmed it back up in the microwave and served with single cream but I would love to of had ice-cream.

Bon apatite 

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