Friday, 4 January 2013

Paddington Bear suitcase cards

These were from a lovely little kit. The pictures inside are decoupaged, and the missing initials on the front of the card give you a sneak peak before you open it. On the handles there is a small Velcro dot each side to keep them closed. I am currently trying to make a template for something similar so keep your eye out it should be ready by the end of January 2013. Xx cat xx


  1. Thank Goodness someone had the foresight to post this. I bought the kit a couple of years ago and had completely forgotten what to do with it. Now thanks to you I can go ahead with the project for my sn's birthday. I had more or less figured it out but when I saw this you confirmed it. Well Done.

    1. So glad i could help your son will love it, they are so fun xx

  2. I might just love you lol, I also had the kit a few years ago and just sat trying to work out how on earth they are meant to go lol, thank you! xxx

  3. Hi do you have any how to's on the rest of the designs in this pack as I can't seem to work them out. Thanks