Monday, 24 December 2012

Journal Easel Card Tutorial

 Hi all it's been a while, so here goes.
I kept seeing these lovely easel cards with post-it notes in them, but no tutorial, knowing me I was looking in the wrong place. So me being me rather than ask or look harder I decided to just do it.

To start I cut a piece of lightweight cardstock 6" x 3" (15.2 cm x 7.6 cm) and scored a half inch (1.3 cm) in on all the sides, I then cut a slit in each corner (see picture).

Then I went on to cut a piece of 12 x 12 light weight cardstock on half and scored at 3", 5.5", 6.5" (7.6cm, 14cm, 16.5cm) this will form the base card with a lid and a spine so it stays flat when closed. 

Once you have taped the flaps on the box corners and folded your pre scored lines, this is what you are left with nothing fancy as yet but, its how you decide to decorate it that makes it special.               

To decorate I added purple striped paper to the top, inside base of the card and the edges of the journal card box. I then added a nice topper from papermania, the frame was decoupaged (sort of)  the sentiment came from the same sheet all pre glittered. The butterflies where punched from some floral velum that had pinks, purples and blues. As a finishing touch I put some grossgrain ribbon through the sentiment as it had some pre punched holes which made it look like a buckle, the bow was tied from a separate piece of the same ribbon with a rose cabochon added. 

Just to finish it off I printed some narrow lined note paper on some lightweight card stock and alternated pink then purple as I stacked them inside the box.

This is the finished product closed, to keep it shut I punched a hole in the lid and the base and put some ribbon that matched the main card embellishments and tied a bow.

I really hope this tutorial was helpful and easy to find. 
           Enjoy your crafting and having fun with colour combinations I will be making more of these if you keep an eye in the Gallery page you can use this link or find it in the right handside tollbar with all my other pages.  Cat xx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Kanban Steampunk

Hi all, I made this card for my husband as it was our Anniversary on 13Th Dec  I used Kanban stamps and promarkers for the main image. the 'frame' of cogs and clocks where also Kanban and I just layered them up. Keep your eyes peeled fora tutorial on this fold and some others that are similar.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Shona-Rose and Katherine made Christmas hats for the school party Katherine doesn't go yet but I couldnt leave her out of the hat making xxx

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We  had a family trip to the Range for crafting supplies of course, but as soon as we seen silly hats we had to make my lovely husband Steve try them on. This was the funniest one we made him wear. Shona has so much fun making him try them on and joining in, Katherine does also but was laughing so hard in the trolly that she couldn't join in with the photograph 

Arched Window Christmas Scene Card.

For this card I used the arched window embossing folder on my ultimate pro. I embossed on right next to the other, to form the main card and one with the smaller frame on the inside cut out for the window effect inside.F

For the scene looking into the window I thought a pyramage would look nice, as it gives dimension. The image of a little angel trimming the tree just seemed lovely to me. I added glitter to the pyramage image to give the snow effect, I then added a bow and holly with red gems for embellishments, and a bookmark as a Christmas keepsake.

Christmas Rose Card.

A elegant grown up Christmas card. Ideal for grandparents, I would say but of course you could give it to anybody really. After matting and layering the background I used a clear ink and a rose stamp at random points around the edge then heat embossed with a red glitter embossing powder, and for that distressed look on the music sheet all I had done was run the back of my craft knife along the edges and created small tears before crumpling as gently as crumpling can be done.

Christmas card.

This in my opinion is just  so cute. I was thinking mostly of the 'tweens' with this one, a little more grown up than a great big teddy bear card but pink enough to still be a suitable for a young girl. Although you cant see it in the picture the backing paper has been de-bossed with a snowflake embossing folder.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Another Christmas card using this lovely topper set and paper ribbon from Kanban Crafts and backing paper  from MyPaperStash. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012


Hi, I have updated my free images and added a new folder for sentiments so why not head over and check it out. Also more demos and finished products will be coming soon xx

Black and white Christmas

A simple Christmas card, the embossed Christmas tree just sets it off nicely.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pages have been altered

Hi guys, I have just updated my FREEBIES pages to try and make it easier to find what sort of image you are looking for. The magical Christmas stamps are in two different folders, the female is in steampunk/goth and the sentiment is in Christmas.  I really really hope you enjoy using all the stamps and backgrounds.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Contemporary Christmas Angel

This card was made last night although I have been tinkering and not posting (tut tut) 
 So I decided to share the first thing I did with my new scalloped dies with you, and it was an easel card as you can see.
Firstly you have to cut the large circle, this one is almost six inches as that is the biggest my Bigshot will take (the Cuttlebug is the same size as far as I am aware). To do this you have to fold a piece of card in half I used A4, and leave a small amount of the die sticking out of the side so you still have a crease to create a card after it is cut. 

 Fold the top scalloped circle in half, mine wasn't quite half but it doesn't matter too much as long as it is close enough.  You then have to cut another circle the same size as your main card, stick it on like in the picture >.

Now you are ready to create your topper.

Now time for more cutting. 
< this picture shows the main topper card also but you don't need another one of these this was for the step above, what you do need is one of the size below your main card and two of the size smaller than your second size (hope I make sense).

What I choose to do was emboss these circles, the larger one I placed embossed (bumpy) side up, and the size smaller de-bossed (not so bumpy) side up.  

I then embossed the base cards topper also, placed embossed side up. The sentiment came from 'My paper stash' who have created a lovely A4 page of card  ribbons. All that is left now is to add a focus point I choose a lovely picture I found on DeviantART, can't remember the artist from the top of my head but if you like it it's on my Pintrest and full credit is given there ( digital stamp board )

ENJOY!!!!! See you all again soon oh and head to the freebies page I am adding more there too.These will be changing over the next few days into separate pages, as all themes are in one place at present and I don't like that as its not easy to get around.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Magical Christmas

When I made this card I must of had what my husband would like to receive in mind.
I found the outline drawing on Google, and coloured it in with promarkers.

I hope you like it as it is a little different to what you normally see at Christmas.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow Tag

Hi all hope your doing fine today. This has just been rushed together for a blog challenge through crafty emblies, the theme was a nursery rhyme. Hope you all like it xxx. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012


This is where I get the lovely wooden embellishments from. She has some lovely lovely pieces on here, and lots of ideas on what to do with them. Better still its not just embellishments there are boxes and mini scrapbooks too.

Enjoy browsing I just know you will like it.


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jump up card

To make this card you will need-
Scoring board/Mouse mat
Embossing tool
Double sided Tape
Firstly you have to cut a piece of A4 card lengthways. I used a heavy card stock but to practice you can use thick paper. 

Next you have to score along these lines and to do this (as its not very clear in the pictures). Firstly place the short edge against the edge of your board or if you don't have one turn the paper that way and make sure it is square you don't want a 'wonkey' card now, The lines are made at A4 gate fold and A4 half fold this is approx 7 1/2 cm (3 in) down and approx 15 cm (6 in) down.   Then you have to fold the first line (3 in) up and butt that against the edge/ make square, and put notches at half fold A4 and then turn lengthways and make a notch at gate fold A5. You then have to join the lines to make a diamond shape, the bottom lines go all the way down to your first fold. 

As shown in this picture you have to cut the top triangles of. You then have to fold again like shown in the picture (I think I need a video camera would make explaining easier). Put some double sided sticky tape on the half triangle you formed and stick that to the base.
You are now ready to embellish your card.
I stuck to triangles but you don't have to.

Enjoy trying this card it is super easy I will try and get more made up so you can see the different ways to matt and layer and embellish.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Shona-Rose's Butterfly Easel Card

Shona made this card all by herself (almost) and is really proud of it, so much so she wanted it on here.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I have just received conformation that my crafter's companion ultimate pro is on its way so will be doing box tutorials soon. So excited to get a new toy.

Paper Rose Tutorial

For this project you will need - A flower punch with five petals, an ink pad, strong clear glue, and thick paper/thin card I used 170gsm and a cocktail stick. Apologies for this not being posted yesterday when I did it, but I was decorating my living room so didn't have the time.

 Punch three flowers and find the centre point on all of them, and draw the lines like I have (above). You can now ink the edges you do this on the other side though I did it on the same side for demonstration purposes, and cut the petals out where you drew your lines just like the picture to the right.

Now its time to assemble your rose. To do this you take the complete flower with just a cut to the centre and glue the edges together, this creates a small bowl like shape. You then have to repeat this for all the other petals, although I found it easier to curl them first with a cocktail stick, then glue so the paper didn't tear.
Once this is done you can build the Rose up. To do this you put some clear glue in the bottom of the largest flower, snip the very tip of the base off the next size flower and stick. You repeat this process for each flower but taking a little extra off the end each time. By the time you get to the single petal to put in the centre you almost cut it in half so don't be alarmed and think you are cutting too much off.
After you have assembled your Rose, you can then curl the edges by rolling them round a cocktail stick (I use a metal tool from my fly tying kit) this is done to your own taste I did some tighter than others as you can see in the top picture.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Paper watering can

                                                                                                                                                                                            hello there, today I have been making a 3D watering can. You can find the template here on splitcoast stampers webpage- splitcoast stampers.

I hope you have all been having fun trying new things or just crafting in general.

firstly you have to cut out the template and fold the flaps (if that is the correct terminology), and all four sections in I don't currently own a scoring board, so have to do it free hand just takes a little longer is all.

I had to make a little slit in the main part of the template, as I stuck 
the long piece of the spout before I realised I had folded it wrong, 
and the red tape didn't want to budge so stayed with it and improvised. 
You wouldn't normally fold it in half, each part folds at the end of the rectangle, makes it look 3D.

To make the flower bellow I used two different sized flower punches.
With the large flower punch I punched 4 with two different although complimenting papers from the rose garden collection.
With the smaller punch I cut 7 with the same paper. It was the same as one of the larger flowers as there was a lot more colour difference in the particular design .  

To assemble the paper flower I stacked the large flowers (yellow then pink) while offsetting each one.
I did the same with the smaller flowers, then distressed the edges of all the layers and finished of with a pearl gem.
To glue everything on I used UHU Power glue as it is clear drying, and if it seeps out the edges a little just wait for it to go tacky and it rubs away.You can use the glue designed for crafter's although I feel, the only differences are the price and smell.
I used a foliage die, the left over large flower as I punched 5 instead of 4, and two small butterflies (you can see them in the top picture), and a Spellbinders labels 14 die to stamp and heat emboss a sentiment on to, the papers used where from the same paper stack as the ones used to make the flower.
Just to add the paper pack was free in Quick Cards Made Easy magazine, but sshhh it's a secret.

Just to prove how easy they are to make my 4 year old daughter Shona-Rose made the purple one, and decorated it with stickers and cut out little birds and put them on the side although you cant see them in the picture.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

For this card I used my tulip stamps and linen paper. 

Firstly I folded a sheet of A4 heavy card stock in half and cut 1 1/2 inches of the top (with the card standing landscape ^)

I then cut my backing papers and placed them along with the stamps onto the backing card (these where changed around a good few times), just to see if they were to my liking.

I then added double sided tape to all of my backing material and stuck them down. Now for the stamping, I used pigment ink for the outline and promarkers for the colouring in. The pigment ink hadn't completely dried when I coloured in as you can see from the mark on her face where the ink was smudged. The main stamped image was die cut with a Spellbinders labels 14 die. 

I really hope that this has been a good first post.
Enjoy xxx
I have only been card making a few months, and would like to share as I learn new techniques and skills. It would be lovely if more experienced or novices like myself, would share there skills and ideas so we can, all learn something new or just how to improve what we are already doing. This is also my first ever blog, hopefully it I will improve as I go on, and learn how to add great sites for us all to look on.