Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Contemporary Christmas Angel

This card was made last night although I have been tinkering and not posting (tut tut) 
 So I decided to share the first thing I did with my new scalloped dies with you, and it was an easel card as you can see.
Firstly you have to cut the large circle, this one is almost six inches as that is the biggest my Bigshot will take (the Cuttlebug is the same size as far as I am aware). To do this you have to fold a piece of card in half I used A4, and leave a small amount of the die sticking out of the side so you still have a crease to create a card after it is cut. 

 Fold the top scalloped circle in half, mine wasn't quite half but it doesn't matter too much as long as it is close enough.  You then have to cut another circle the same size as your main card, stick it on like in the picture >.

Now you are ready to create your topper.

Now time for more cutting. 
< this picture shows the main topper card also but you don't need another one of these this was for the step above, what you do need is one of the size below your main card and two of the size smaller than your second size (hope I make sense).

What I choose to do was emboss these circles, the larger one I placed embossed (bumpy) side up, and the size smaller de-bossed (not so bumpy) side up.  

I then embossed the base cards topper also, placed embossed side up. The sentiment came from 'My paper stash' who have created a lovely A4 page of card  ribbons. All that is left now is to add a focus point I choose a lovely picture I found on DeviantART, can't remember the artist from the top of my head but if you like it it's on my Pintrest and full credit is given there ( digital stamp board )

ENJOY!!!!! See you all again soon oh and head to the freebies page I am adding more there too.These will be changing over the next few days into separate pages, as all themes are in one place at present and I don't like that as its not easy to get around.

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