Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jump up card

To make this card you will need-
Scoring board/Mouse mat
Embossing tool
Double sided Tape
Firstly you have to cut a piece of A4 card lengthways. I used a heavy card stock but to practice you can use thick paper. 

Next you have to score along these lines and to do this (as its not very clear in the pictures). Firstly place the short edge against the edge of your board or if you don't have one turn the paper that way and make sure it is square you don't want a 'wonkey' card now, The lines are made at A4 gate fold and A4 half fold this is approx 7 1/2 cm (3 in) down and approx 15 cm (6 in) down.   Then you have to fold the first line (3 in) up and butt that against the edge/ make square, and put notches at half fold A4 and then turn lengthways and make a notch at gate fold A5. You then have to join the lines to make a diamond shape, the bottom lines go all the way down to your first fold. 

As shown in this picture you have to cut the top triangles of. You then have to fold again like shown in the picture (I think I need a video camera would make explaining easier). Put some double sided sticky tape on the half triangle you formed and stick that to the base.
You are now ready to embellish your card.
I stuck to triangles but you don't have to.

Enjoy trying this card it is super easy I will try and get more made up so you can see the different ways to matt and layer and embellish.

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