Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Paper Rose Tutorial

For this project you will need - A flower punch with five petals, an ink pad, strong clear glue, and thick paper/thin card I used 170gsm and a cocktail stick. Apologies for this not being posted yesterday when I did it, but I was decorating my living room so didn't have the time.

 Punch three flowers and find the centre point on all of them, and draw the lines like I have (above). You can now ink the edges you do this on the other side though I did it on the same side for demonstration purposes, and cut the petals out where you drew your lines just like the picture to the right.

Now its time to assemble your rose. To do this you take the complete flower with just a cut to the centre and glue the edges together, this creates a small bowl like shape. You then have to repeat this for all the other petals, although I found it easier to curl them first with a cocktail stick, then glue so the paper didn't tear.
Once this is done you can build the Rose up. To do this you put some clear glue in the bottom of the largest flower, snip the very tip of the base off the next size flower and stick. You repeat this process for each flower but taking a little extra off the end each time. By the time you get to the single petal to put in the centre you almost cut it in half so don't be alarmed and think you are cutting too much off.
After you have assembled your Rose, you can then curl the edges by rolling them round a cocktail stick (I use a metal tool from my fly tying kit) this is done to your own taste I did some tighter than others as you can see in the top picture.


  1. gorjuss hun, you make it look so easy x

    1. Thank you and it really is that easy. Shona (my four yea old) helps me make them, she loves it xxx

  2. Great tutorial Cat, thanks for sharing it with us xx

  3. Thanks hunny i will give it a go xxx