Friday, 24 May 2013

DT Project for Friendly Crafters.

Hi all, hope your all well. I have been asked to help with a support group for crafters, on Facebook called Friendly Crafters. This is my first project, for this I choose card folds.

We would all very much like you to come and join the group, for hints tips and advice.
There will be a fortnightly challenge based around the tutorials.
I hope you enjoy making these Card Folds as much as I did.

I have done three folds, they may look intricate but trust me they are easy peasy lemon squezy.

The first one is the Double Diamond Fold .

The second is the Book Card Tutorial.

The third is the Exploding Card Tutorial.


Exploding card tutorial.

Exploding Card Tutorial.

I don't have a finished project YET, but I wanted to share this great card fold with you all.

All you need for this card is one sheet of 12x12. I know no cutting great stuff.

Firstly you will have to score 7.6cm (3in) all the way around. 
I added two very slightly different pictures of this as it wasn't very clear.

Then you have to find the centre and bring each corner into it. Make sure they all match up as it will affect the other folds.

Now you have to open the parer up.
 At each corner you will have a square/diamond and a triangle either side.
You need to Mountain fold the edges of the square/diamond, and valley fold the edges of the triangles.
 I really hope this makes sense the picture below may explain better.

This is what it will look like after you have folded one corner,

This is what it will look like with all four corners folded in.

Then you take the corners of the new small squares and fold them back.

This is a really easy fold, I really hope this tutorial helps.
It is the first time I have done this fold, hence no finished card yet.

 Enjoy and have fun.

Book card tutorial

Book Card Tutorial.

Finished project.

Here is another card I love to make, it is great for all age groups and can be done to any theme.
So  here goes.....

To start with you will need a piece of card stock measuring 23 cm (9.1in) x 16cm (6.3in).
I cut mine down from A4 ivory card.
You then have to score at 10.5cm (4.1in) and 12.5cm (4.9in).
You can make the score lines either on a board (I used my ultimate pro), or with a knife and a rule (just lightly mark with knife), or a mouse mat, ruler and embossing tool (or similar).

Now you have made the book cover, you need to make the "pages".
These will not open but, they do give the look of pages.
To do this you need four pieces of coordinating card stock.
Two will measure 15cm (5.9in) x 28cm (11in).
Two will measure 10cm (3.9in) x 28cm (11in).
Once you have cut these you will need to score every 2cm (0.8in).
Then concertina/fan fold each of the four pieces. 

Then add some glue (I use super tacky glue) not a lot, to the insides of the fold.
Once you have done this, slot the short pieces (top and bottom) to the long pieces (left and right).
Ensuring that the top and bottom pieces overlap in sides, you can see this in the pictures of the finished item.

All that is left now is putting everything together.
To do this you will need to ink your edges, mat and layer paper onto front, back, and inside.
Then you will be able to attach the "pages", to the inside of the book. To do this I used red super sticky tape.
Once you have secured this you will just need to embellish. I did a Disney theme, bet you couldn't tell lol. 
The pocket to hold the book mark was secured using red super sticky tape also, I didn't want it coming off.

Please as always have fun and enjoy.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

double diamond card fold tutorial.

Tutorial For Double Diamond Fold Card.

Two examples of finished cards.

Firstly you need to take a 12" x 5" piece of cardstock, and fold in half  (2.5") horizontally.      

Then you need to score 2.5" vertically from both, the left and the right hand side in.       

           I have marked with pencil - 4 3/16" from both left and right, top and bottom. Also on the horizontal line I have marked, (although not very clear in the photograph) at - 3 1/8".

When you have marked all your measurements, join the dots and flip the card over. This is what you will have achieved, in such a small amount of time.

All that is needed now is to crease your fold lines. In this picture I have creased the lines, and left the card so you can see the valley and mountain folds.
Now all you need to do is, push both sides in while ensuring the horizontal line folds in half also. Then you are left with this card fold, that looks so complicated but yet is so simple.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mothers day double diamond card.

Hello again, twice in one night I'm on a roll. Or I wrote the last post a few weeks ago and forgot to post?! 

This card was great to make. I was asked by a very good friend to make a mothers day card, so she could send it home to Poland. I obviously said yes, as it was another excuse to hide in my craft room lol.
 The challenging part was finding out what she wanted, I was given a card fold from a previous  card I had made and a colour red but you are all switched on cookies you guessed that right? 
So I started by selecting my image and colouring in using my promarkers from letraset, and folding the card base.
Then I started thinking embellishments so I made the roses.
I have a tutorial on how to make these paper roses here, the picture shows how I build them up in different colours. I had to make two at a time in order to achieve this look. I then thought  about the sentiment I used serif but any package you have to type with is great.
I felt the hearts on the cream backing paper fitted quite well, but to tie that in with the sentiment I stamped in clear ink then brushed over with mica powder. Then I put some ribbons and butterflies on, then layered everything up to create the finished piece.


Hi everyone I hope your all well.
My Mum recently renewed her wedding vows , I was slightly confused on if I had to make her a wedding card, or a anniversary card as they had the ceremony on there 10th wedding anniversary.
this is what I came up with- To create the Z fold I folded a A4 sheet in half, then one of the halfs in half. I added a picture so you could see, exactly what I meant. 

I then got a punch and scalloped the edge of the front panel, I also did this to the paper I used to layer.
From there I used the same pink card, on both front sections for layering. Pink was the chosen colour as the colour theme for the ceremony was pink. To finish I added some satin ribbon, and a topper with matching sentiment. It looked plain down the edge of the card so I used self adhesive ribbon with roses and love hearts, the topper then needed something  extra so I put aurora Borealis gems around the circle.

I hope you like it, it was gratefully recieved, and I as always enjoyed making it.