Friday, 24 May 2013

Book card tutorial

Book Card Tutorial.

Finished project.

Here is another card I love to make, it is great for all age groups and can be done to any theme.
So  here goes.....

To start with you will need a piece of card stock measuring 23 cm (9.1in) x 16cm (6.3in).
I cut mine down from A4 ivory card.
You then have to score at 10.5cm (4.1in) and 12.5cm (4.9in).
You can make the score lines either on a board (I used my ultimate pro), or with a knife and a rule (just lightly mark with knife), or a mouse mat, ruler and embossing tool (or similar).

Now you have made the book cover, you need to make the "pages".
These will not open but, they do give the look of pages.
To do this you need four pieces of coordinating card stock.
Two will measure 15cm (5.9in) x 28cm (11in).
Two will measure 10cm (3.9in) x 28cm (11in).
Once you have cut these you will need to score every 2cm (0.8in).
Then concertina/fan fold each of the four pieces. 

Then add some glue (I use super tacky glue) not a lot, to the insides of the fold.
Once you have done this, slot the short pieces (top and bottom) to the long pieces (left and right).
Ensuring that the top and bottom pieces overlap in sides, you can see this in the pictures of the finished item.

All that is left now is putting everything together.
To do this you will need to ink your edges, mat and layer paper onto front, back, and inside.
Then you will be able to attach the "pages", to the inside of the book. To do this I used red super sticky tape.
Once you have secured this you will just need to embellish. I did a Disney theme, bet you couldn't tell lol. 
The pocket to hold the book mark was secured using red super sticky tape also, I didn't want it coming off.

Please as always have fun and enjoy.


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