Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hi everyone I hope your all well.
My Mum recently renewed her wedding vows , I was slightly confused on if I had to make her a wedding card, or a anniversary card as they had the ceremony on there 10th wedding anniversary.
this is what I came up with- To create the Z fold I folded a A4 sheet in half, then one of the halfs in half. I added a picture so you could see, exactly what I meant. 

I then got a punch and scalloped the edge of the front panel, I also did this to the paper I used to layer.
From there I used the same pink card, on both front sections for layering. Pink was the chosen colour as the colour theme for the ceremony was pink. To finish I added some satin ribbon, and a topper with matching sentiment. It looked plain down the edge of the card so I used self adhesive ribbon with roses and love hearts, the topper then needed something  extra so I put aurora Borealis gems around the circle.

I hope you like it, it was gratefully recieved, and I as always enjoyed making it.


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